don't blame the artist for hating this particular project that they dropped at a rough period in their lifetime, that's all i'm saying.

by Syringe

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as yu can clearly entell, ive lost a great ammount of consciousness dealin with this realm of 'work'in societyi. ive bcome like a meme, somethin not tu be taken in consideration, which i s fine, but itts fucking eith my work ethic, oso purhzps not a lot of new shit will be comin from me, only old fucking videos that i wanted tu shuut since i fucking left my shit homestate. ive backed myself up n backed myself off tuu fucking much of the time. i jus want tu nbe my own self, no sens e of "molding us" or '"groupin'' us in a shitty category of "screamers". eric n i have been doin that for a time now, so now that 30 other random fuckfaces have come along tu take "ownership" of that shit? pretty fuckning embarassing. tu be with "9 othr niggas that du thsat shit now tuu?" fucking aggrevating. now yu wont be getting this full shit of an "ep" back, that is for fucking sure, ebecause tu ME, this shit had shit mfs were never suppose tu hear, but low n behold events n triggers that made this exist n be taken into account as part of my "discography"? fuck my catalog, go listwn tu thr new shit i be puttino out.

"why did yu take this one off?"
a: i didn't want tu put it up in the first pllace, but since its engrave,d, i guess i have tu deal with the fucking effects.
b: i du not lijkre it
c: i did not plan tu fucking upload it
d: listen tu the newer shit like i mentioned before

this tug of war between "the artist vs. the people" ends with me. i will never stop being vocal with this shit, this bullshit i used tu enjoy turned into crumbs now, this game i avoided caused my shit tu get played around n tossed out before gettin full grasp of my shit. du i wanna tear my neck out? du i wanna sing bullshit all day? du i eve,m wanna speak english? who knows? yu sure as hell dont but i know for fucks sake.


released October 13, 2016

album credits: my dementia, my disgust, my plaguing



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